​​High Power Airsoft and its distributors believe in what we do and have been developing, producing, and selling enhanced biodegradable ammunition for over 15 years. 

Our High Power Airsoft Enhanced Biodegradable BB's are the world’s only Bio BB’s to be tested and confirmed biodegradable by an accredited U.S Laboratory. High Power Airsoft is the world's only true bio bb.

​Built from the ground up, we have taken great effort to bring one of the best bb's to the airsoft market. Numerous players and teams have participated in our quality control testing to bring the quality to the next level.

The HPA BB’s are the only enhanced biodegradable BB’s who’s enhanced biodegradation process has been approved by a U.S. accredited laboratory, while conforming to the biodegradable process approved by the USA Department of Natural Resources, WA.